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Professional Web Site Redesigns

If you have a functional website but the design is less than professional, why not get a website redesign? For an inexpensive price you can give your website a whole new look.

RxThai Dot Com can take your existing website text and insert it into a professional custom made website design. Just give us examples of what your business style is and we'll be happy to work on your web design project. The cost of your sites redesign will depend on how many pages your website contains, the type of design you'd like and if you want to add any additional information.

How we work

Web Site Maintenance


RxThai Dot Com concentrates on server-side programming and relational database design for websites and web applications, mainly using PHP and MySQL (or PostgreSQL).

Websites with programmed features are becoming the norm, and this is for practical purposes: Serious visitors don't come to your professional, business or organizational site to stare at flashy objectsโ€”they come to your site to accomplish something.

ATTENTIONย โ€”ย Webย Designersย andย Designย Firms:
RxThai Dot Com accepts subcontracting assignments.ย  RxThai Dot Com understands that web development shops can't always maintain all the expertise or staff required to satisfy customer requirements.ย  RxThai Dot Com is always very happy to assist.

The hidden programming in a website can deliver various important features that can drive repeat visits and enhance your business, such as:

  • ย Visitor Stickiness โ€” Integrating programmed interactive features that strongly attract and hold onto visitors, such as reporting issues, collaboratively creating content or participating in discussion boards.ย  Any feature that gives people a feeling they are contributing something of value to a community is a big magnet for repeat visits.
  • ย Always Fresh Content โ€” Providing continuously fresh information (e.g., periodically published articles) so visitors will want to keep coming back to see updates.ย  When site content updates are automated or otherwise made easy for its administrators, then rapid updates become the norm and your visitors stay interested.
  • ย Communicating Up-to-date Content โ€” Syndicating your content so that previous visitors can keep up with news about your organization's products and services.ย  Another common approach is automating the sending of e-mail updates.
  • ย Obvious Navigation โ€” If your visitors are easily getting lost on your site or having trouble understanding a website with a design that would make Dali envious, then it is high time to simplify.ย  Of course, RxThai Dot Com can make your website simple to navigate in the first place.
  • ย Knowing Your Visitors โ€” Tracking visitor activity to see what aspects of your business customers are most interested in and also to see where the navigational bottlenecks are.
  • ย Serendipitous Findability โ€” Making specific content on your site much easier to find using search engines like Google, as well as web directories and social networking mechanisms.
  • ย Annoyance Avoidance โ€” Website coherence, page load speed, browser ubiquity and various aspects of site aesthetics require, if not programming, then at least a programming design mindset.ย  People are accustomed to being annoyed by websites they visitโ€”if your site doesn't annoy them, it stands a much better chance of attracting them for on-site activity and repeat visits.

This, of course, is a very short synopsis of what's possible.ย  RxThai Dot Com is available to do all these things and much more.

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RealPlayer 8.0
Windows Media Player 7.1
Winamp 2.80
ACD see 4.01
CuteFTP (32-bit) 4.2.5
GetRight 4.5d
WS_FTP LE (32-bit) 5.08
FTP Voyager
SmartFTP 1.0.966

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